Seasons Change: Reflecting on reading over the year + YARC Sign-up

I haven’t had many chances to really disappear into a book lately but I hope this update is a small step to regaining that space to breathe this year.

Year of the Asian started the #YARC2019 reading challenge earlier this year, which anyone can join at any time, so I thought this might be a good time to join up too. Learn about the team (CW, Lily, Shealea & Vicky) behind the project, the guidelines and how to sign-up at the Year of the Asian.

For my sign-up, I’ll also link a Twitter thread of the books I read over 2019 for #YARC2019 here.

I’m aiming low with an adorable Philippine tarsier #YARC2019 badge below designed by CW of Year of the Asian for 1 – 10 books in 2019. (I’ve just finished Jade City for a different readalong by Lit CelebrAsian, so it’s a great overlapping start for #YARC2019 too).


Outside of reading challenges, my general reading has been erratic with slow progress, which has more to do with life than anything else. Though I seem to able to finish books tied to upcoming events or specific goals.

To help, I’m planning to read a few books before Syd Writers Fest:

Finally, a throwback before I move forward – I didn’t get a chance to really wrap-up last year, so here’s a couple of compelling books I read in 2018:

*Content warnings for SA.

I’ll try to drop by here every now and again too. What have you been reading in 2018/2019?

One thought on “Seasons Change: Reflecting on reading over the year + YARC Sign-up

  1. Don’t beat yourself up about not having time for reading – we all goes through phases like that. Sometimes life happens! You’ll find your way back to it when you have more time.

    I need to read some Octavia Butler! It is shameful that I STILL haven’t picked up any of her work.

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