#DiversityDecBingo 2016 Wrap-up & 2017 Resolutions


I’m grateful to the #DiverseBookBloggers community this year. I never knew how much I needed a community where I could find, talk about and share some of the fantastic books that exist. Even though I still think my book reviews need a lot of work, I’m thankful to each reader who dropped by.

2017 Resolutions

1) Continue to read as diversely as possible. This includes both respectful own voices and other diverse books.

In addition, for every non-own voices book I read and/or blog about, I will blog about an own voices book with the same rep. This resolution is made to recognise that non-own voices books tend to be more privileged in the bookish community.

2) Read more books with intersections.

3) Review more diverse books. I might post slowly but I’m a determined turtle. Also, I want to collect the beautiful badges over at Read Diverse Books for #ReadDiverse2017

I will keep an eye out for fantastic books through #DiversityBingo2017 too.

4) Aim to read more work by writers from Australia, Asia and the Asian diaspora. I want to address the intersections close to home. Though I will still be reading work by writers with other intersections too.

Even though I’m low in bookish funds at the moment, I’m privileged in that I live in a city with many libraries. I might not have immediate access to diverse US releases but I’m grateful that I have access to Australian literature and some literature from writers from the Philippines and the Filipinx diaspora.

(Side-note resolution: I’m used to using ‘Filipino’ or ‘Filipina’ when referring to identity but find that ‘Filipinx‘ is more inclusive, so I will use the latter more often.)

5) Tackle my self-doubts and self-rejection around writing by writing more. As I learn more about what resonates with me as a reader of diverse books, I hope to work towards that resonance in writing.

Best of 2016 Wrap-Up

Part 1 – YA SFF, Part 2 – Adult SFF and Part 3 – Contemporary & Non-fic lit.

Reading Reflections: On Reviewing Diversity – Retrospective Notes & #OwnVoices Context (Part 2)

Books Reviewed in December

Books Read in December

I managed to make a bingo line!


(Even though I liked Cam Girl, I must note the author’s apology on Twitter.)

On a bookish resolution note, I will try to review a few of these books in the new year. I’m having fun with the #DAReadathon at the moment, so you can catch me there too. Happy new year!


8 thoughts on “#DiversityDecBingo 2016 Wrap-up & 2017 Resolutions

  1. Great goals, Glaiza – I so agree with you about what an amazing community the diverse book bloggers have been, and I’m also aiming to be more active in reviewing diverse books in 2017. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing soon! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your reviews. I hope you can start to feel more confident about them 🙂

    I think that it is such a good idea to balance own voice/non own voice books. It’s totally true that we privilege white authors who turn their pen to diversity more than we respect people telling their own stories. It’s important to have a balance. I’m going to reflect on this as I choose my own reading going forward.

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