Year in Books 2016 – Part 1 – YA Speculative Fiction & Fantasy


I will be sharing my 2016 favourites list in three parts: Part 1 – YA Speculative fiction and fantasy, Part 2 – Adult Speculative fiction and fantasyPart 3 – Contemporary fiction and Non-fiction. Truth be told, I learn from all the pages I pass through but friends are curious so here’s a few favourites read in 2016.

Young Adult Speculative Fiction & Fantasy


Not Your Sidekick (Not Your Sidekick, #1) by CB Lee (Own voices)

This is a wonderful superhero story that follows Jess, a bi Chinese-Vietnamese American heroine. Can’t wait for the sequel, which will focus on Jess’ friend Bells who is trans. Thanks to CW for recommending Not Your Sidekick!


Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova (Own voices)

This is another fun fantasy YA read with Alex, a Latinx bi heroine and bruja (witch). Loved the focus on family. Thanks to the #DSFFBookClub!


The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf by Ambelin Kwaymullina (Own voices)

Since I’m currently re-reading Ashala Wolf for #DSFFBookBlub, I couldn’t help but share this post-apocalyptic novel with an Indigenous Australian heroine. Looking forward to finishing this series next year.


Froi of the Exiles(Lumatere Chronicles, #2) by Melina Marchetta

Someday, I will share thoughts on how the Lumatere Chronicles realistically explores the aftermath of war. I adore the second book because it’s from the POV of a character I was wary of but Froi goes through an interesting growth arc.


Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean Edited by Kirsty Murray, Payal Dhar & Anita Roy

(Own voices)

This is a fantastic Feminist speculative fiction collaboration between Indian and Australian writers + artists. Thanks to Romi for recommending me this anthology!


Defying Doomsday Edited by Tsana Dolichva and Holly Kench

An anthology with a mix of own voices + non-own voices diverse rep. in young adult and adult stories. I really enjoyed this collection of post-apocalyptic stories with neurodiverse and disabled protagonists.


Serpentine by Cindy Pon (Own voices)

This is a lovely coming of age story about a heroine named Skybright. It also draws on Chinese folklore. Can’t wait for my library to get the sequel, which focuses a bit more on Zhen Ni, Sky’s best friend. I hope Zhen Ni is part of a f/f romance in the sequel.


A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz (Own voices)

A surreal YA fantasy story that subverts storytelling conventions with an unreliable narrator who delves into post-war life. Loved this unique take on fae and all the bisexual rep.

*My adult SFF pile and contemporary book pile covers more of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum than my YA SFF pile, so lookout for those future posts soon.

15 thoughts on “Year in Books 2016 – Part 1 – YA Speculative Fiction & Fantasy

  1. You’ve chosen some really interesting books here! The only one I’ve read is Serpentine, but I’m really curious about Not Your Sidekick and Labyrinth Lost. I also had Ashala Wolf out from my library a couple of months back but didn’t manage to read it before my deadline… I need to borrow it again. 😂


    1. I really hope Not Your Sidekick and Labyrinth Lost get published in Aus at some point too.(Bought the ebooks but expect that the paperbacks would be beautiful.) XD That’s happened to me before – those library book deadlines! I hope Ashala Wolf makes it to your library book pile again someday too.


      1. Ahhh I hope so! I certainly plan on getting it regardless – I think I might either buy it online to get it shipped or just request it from my library. They’re usually really good at granting my (sometimes obscure) requests. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Not Your Sidekick was so lovely, and I am in the process of reading Labyrinth Lost via audiobook (v slowly) but I am enjoying it! Will have to check out the rest of the books on this list 😀


    1. oo Audiobooks are good for multitasking. Need to check up on my library’s audiobook collection. Looking forward to your thoughts on it later in the new year.

      (I’m also slowly reading Hurricane Heels at the moment to savour it – 2 chapters in and gah. Wish it was novel-length.)


  3. So many great books on here! I love your blog because we have similar reading taste in SFF, so I can visit and always find interesting books! 🙂
    I plan to read Not Your Sidekick in 2017. It sounds wonderful.


    1. Same – I’m also really happy to have found your blog. It highlights all the amazing short story collections and books on the contemporary/literary side that exist too. Yes to Not Your Sidekick!


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