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Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology


“Love Beyond, Body, Space, and Time” is a collection of indigenous science fiction and urban fantasy focusing on LGBT and two-spirit characters. These stories range from a transgender woman trying an experimental transition medication to young lovers separated through decades and meeting far in their own future. These are stories of machines and magic, love, and self-love.

This collection features prose stories by:

Cherie Dimaline (The Girl Who Grew a Galaxy, Red Rooms)
Gwen Benaway (Ceremonies for the Dead)
David Robertson (Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story, Tales From Big Spirit)
Richard Van Camp (The Lesser Blessed, Three Feathers)
Nathan Adler (Wrist)
Daniel Heath Justice (The Way of Thorn and Thunder: The Kynship Chronicles)
Darcie Little Badger (Nkásht íí, The Sea Under Texas)
Cleo Keahna
Mari Kurisato

And an introduction by Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair (Manitowapow), with a foreword by Grace Dillon (Walking the Clouds). Edited by Hope Nicholson (Moonshot, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls)

Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology

Edited by: Hope Nicholson

Published: September 30th 2016 by Bedside Press

Source: My bookshelf


So they darted to those whose hearts beat strongest, streaks of blinding bright grace, calling to them in soft voices, sharing stories of possibility beyond the grim dust of what was to a hopeful possibility of what could be.

The Boys Who Became The Hummingbirds, Daniel Heath Justice

I wish I could have spent more time in each of the speculative worlds as I was so immersed in the different tensions, joys and resolutions of each one.

 I am also grateful to learn a little more about the two spirit identity and the complexity around the spectrum of Native peoples’ identities that are present within this collection.

As Driskill, Justice, Miranda, and Tatonetti state: “Queer Native people are far from a monolithic group. We have numerous identities, artistic stances, and political agendas. We come from diverse nations, land bases, and traditions.” Even naming this tradition is complex.

Returning to Ourselves: Two Spirit Futures and the Now, Niigaan Sinclair

This was a beautiful anthology of short stories. A few of my favourites:

– ‘The Boys Who Became The Hummingbirds,’ by Daniel Heath Justice was a surreal story with metamorphosis, romance and acceptance.

– Also, ‘Imposter Syndrome,’ by Mari Kurisato was an immersive space travel stowaway plot. Aanji’s journey to becoming human had so many layers about transition and identity.

Edited note:

– ‘Aliens,’ by Richarch Van Camp was a story about a first date and two-spirit identity but I recommend reading Bogi’s review, which points out some of the problematic storytelling tropes around how intersex identity is presented through the problematic language used by some of the family members.

*Definitely read Bogi’s review, which has a more in depth look at each story within the collection.

*Also, thanks to Brendon for putting this book on my TBR and Naz for spotlighting some amazing reads for (and beyond) Native American Heritage Month.

Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time: An Indigenous LGBT Sci-Fi Anthology


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