October Books & #OwnVoicesOctober Wrap-up


I owe it to the power of library reservations that I actually read for fun during the semester. I read 4 Australian books and 3/4 of these books were #OwnVoices:

  • Songs That Sound Like Blood by Jared Thomas. It was great to read how Roxy, an Indigenous Australian gay teen tackled moving away from home for uni while pursuing her love for music and her crush on Ana.
  • Fire Boy by Sami Shah. This YA fantasy/horror book about Djinn in modern Pakistan was so tense. The mystery and the mythos has me anticipating the sequel.
  • Locust Girl by Merlinda Bobis. This book was a little different from her previous writing  on cultural experiences of being both Filipino and Australian. I found this fable-like Dystopian story to be Kafka-esque in a philosophical way.

I also read Vigil by Angela Slatter, an urban fantasy set in Brisbane. My other speculative fiction wild card was Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente, which covered surreal moments in an alternate solar system caught on fragmented film. I also reviewed For Today I Am A Boy by Kim Fu in October.

I’m still recovering from the end of semester but I expect that my November will be filled with marathon reading Octavia E Butler’s Patternist series (Gerry Canavan’s non fiction book on Octavia E. Butler‘s writing has inspired me to finally read them) and a few other amazing reads.

Assignments have left me unprepared for NaNoWriMo, so I won’t be officially participating (what about under the radar participation?). However, I’ll revisit and shape worlds slowly.


2 thoughts on “October Books & #OwnVoicesOctober Wrap-up

  1. You always have such great recs, I really want to read Fire Boy now!😊 Hope you can get some editing time in what with all your assignments! I need to more by Butler! Happy reading in November!


    1. Thanks Bina! I’ll definitely review Fire Boy at some point in the hazy future. I needed to borrow Butler’s series from the uni library since I’ll graduate soon and won’t access to that library any more. My monthly TBR shifts depending on library reservations, mood swings and book clubs XD. I hope you have a good November too!!

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