Monthly Wrap-Up feat. the #DiverseAThon Wrap-Up



I didn’t do my monthly wrap-up for August, so the above image combines both my August and September books. In August, I caught up on reading books by a few of my favourite writers: Helen Oyeyemi, Octavia Butler, Nalo Hopkinson, Ursula K. Le Guin and Melina Marchetta. As always, I find myself in awe of a book/series, which leads to an indefinite delay in sharing those thoughts in a blog post but I’ll get there. In September, I reviewed Kindred, Monstress and Sun Dragon’s Song. I also participated in DiverseAThon and managed to review:

1) Bread and Butter – a graphic novel about working while pursuing dreams feat. a Latin American heroine. 2) Honor Girl – a nostalgic YA graphic novel memoir with a lesbian protagonist. 3) Iris and the Tiger – a MG mystery novel with an Aussie biracial heroine.

I also loved reading these Australian books during the readathon:

1) The Hate Race – an amazing memoir about Clarke’s experiences of racism while growing up in a homogeneous town. I went to the book launch, which was fantastic. Clarke’s opening speech for the Melbourne Writer’s Festival was electric too.

2) Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean – a feminist YA collaborative scifi and fantasy anthology between Australian and Indian writers and artists. I’ve been trying to read more local books and it has been both inspiring and fun.

In October, I’ll attempt to marathon the last leg of uni and possibly participate in #OwnVoicesOctober on Twitter or Instagram. I’m also thinking of joining another online book club, since I enjoy the DSFF Book Cub. (Being a member of 3 book clubs makes sense, right?) There’s been a lot of  re-occurring discussions around this topic lately but I thought this article was worth sharing again: 5 Diversity Myths Debunked via Diary of a Reading Addict.

What have you enjoyed reading this month?


4 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up feat. the #DiverseAThon Wrap-Up

  1. Three book clubs sounds doable 😉 I think the two best books I read this past month were Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera and Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time edited by Hope Nicholson. Both books caught me off guard and I absolutely loved them. I also read Sun Dragon’s Song and I am looking forward to where that series is going! Thank you for sharing your recap and #OwnVoicesOctober sounds like an amazing event!


    1. I will check out your review of Herrera’s book over the weekend! Nicholsen is on my TBR but I’m convinced to move it up now. I’m so glad you enjoyed Sun Dragon’s Song! I’m currently battling deadlines but will definitely share an #OwnVoicesOctober recap in early November.

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  2. I like what Rosarium Publishing is doing with graphic novels. I’ve read Malice in Wonderland #1 and Sun Dragon’s Song #1. They’re both promising but I need more to make a more informed decision! I do want to read Bread & Butter, but will probably wait until a whole volume is out to read it all at once.
    Cee Arr’s post is excellent! Auto-reshare for sure.


    1. Definitely. I really love the range of books from Rosarium. I used to read manga chapters as they got released each month when I was younger and sometimes, only having one chapter to digest wasn’t enough, so waiting for a whole volume makes perfect sense!


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