Bread and Butter #1 by Liz Mayorga


Meet Liana Caudillo, a young Latina, who loves music and aspires to design album covers in her beloved San Francisco. Like many other artists in the city, Liana works at the de Young Museum Café. Yet, despite being surrounded by art all day, San Francisco’s growing gap between rich and poor and its growing homogeneity become a challenge. Liana doesn’t find the bohemian city she once dreamed about. Instead, she is surrounded by other service workers, who, like her, are struggling to simply survive. With the daily struggle consuming so much of her life, Liana wonders if she will ever find the time, the peace of mind, or even the inspiration she needs to pursue her dreams.

Bread and Butter #1 by Liz Mayorga

Publication: October 5th 2016 by Rosarium Publishing

Source: ARC via Netgalley


Bread and Butter is for anyone who has ever worked at a day job while pursuing another dream. I really liked the stark black and white style to the realistic illustrations. They complimented the daunting and/or mundane challenges that Liana encounters with each new customer in a cafe. That bone-tired feeling that comes with having to put your energy into a place where your heart and mind don’t always fit is conveyed so well in this short issue.

Bread and Butter builds a familiar bridge between the hope that comes with dreams and the despair that comes with being stuck in a routine necessary for survival. I’ve never been to San Francisco but I liked how this story conveys the two faces of a place that you’ve dreamed of. The ending of this first issue gives me a slight hope that Liana won’t always be stuck in that realistic bitter place of survival. Her love for music are the key notes at the beginning and the end of this snapshot of her life.

I’ve previously blogged about the need for more new adult stories that cover the different life challenges a person faces after graduation – I’d definitely add Bread and Butter to the list.

12 thoughts on “Bread and Butter #1 by Liz Mayorga

  1. Sounds like a book I could definitely relate to, even though I mostly enjoy my daytime job hahaha. I agree that NA has so much potential unfulfilled, glad this book fills in the gap.


    1. Me too! All of them have their ups and downs but I hope in the future comic issues, Liana finds support or a better day job. I’ve only read a handful of NA but if I read a handful more, maybe I can make a list/article.


  2. I’m keeping my eye on this graphic novel! I have a pool of potential GNs with Latinx protagonists, and I will buy one this weekend. I like the sound of this one, though I would like for more issues to be available. Maybe I should wait a little or jump right in anyway? Ah, not sure!
    I feel kind of stuck at my day job right now. Maybe this story will inspire me to dream beyond the mundane work I’m doing currently. :/

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    1. I can’t wait to see what you pick up. I’m still new to graphic novels but what I’ve read so far has been great. Though the protagonist of this issue is feeling pretty down at the moment at her job, so maybe waiting for another issue to see how/if she picks herself up again would be a good move?


  3. I work with students and this really resonates right now. Especially with seniors the fear of what to do next is definitely there. This also strikes a chord with me because I am constantly surrounded by folks urging people to do what they want and to fulfill their dreams. I fully believe this is a statement filled with privilege because, like the protagonist here, that is not always possible at the moment (sometimes forever) because the basic needs for survival. Looks like a start to a good series! Thank you for your review.


    1. Definitely. I wish someone had explained the concept of day jobs when I was younger. I guess it would be good if people with experience had spread an awareness of how to nurture a healthy day job alongside another creative pursuit too.


  4. Sounds like I should give it a try, having just graduated and all! I hope I’ll find a job that will nurture my interests and not just leech my energy. Was very lucky to have had mostly great TA jobs during grad school. The comic does sound very good and I’ve seen it on NetGalley but was unsure cause there’s just one issue available so far!


  5. I’m so glad you found another book/story to add to your list (which I hope is ever growing) of NA that covers life after graduation! I’d never heard of Bread and Butter, but it immediately intrigued me (I’ve got a tab up already, to look into it some more and see if I can read any excerpts) and I’m keen to find out more.

    The stories of people who know what they love and yet maybe don’t have a way of achieving that, whether because of money, being stuck in another carreer or any other reason, they’re so… realistic and can be so beautiful, whilst also being incredibly sad – because people doing what makes them happy and passionate makes ME happy and passionate, and I definitely want to read about characters who are exploring their passions – but it’s important, too, to show how it isn’t always that easy/like that , and that aspect, particularly, is making me want to discover this book for myself so much.

    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on future volumes, Glaiza! I hope this series only gets better as it progresses. xx


    1. When the NA list starts to shine, I’ll definitely share it! It still a little sparse but will get there. I will also keep up with future volumes and I’m glad that these stories pique the interest of so many readers too!


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