Sun Dragon’s Song #1 by Joyce Chng & Kim Miranda

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More than anything, young Ho Yi wishes to become a Sun Dragon Rider, the courageous human guardians of the magnificent beasts that roam the sky and keep watch over the land. But confined to crutches, bullies giving him a hard time, and his parents being away at war, Yo Hi is up against almost impossible odds! Can he still keep hope alive, while suffering in his tiny village, to become the valiant hero only he feels he’s destined to become?

Sun Dragon’s Song #1 by Joyce Chng

Illustrated by Kim Miranda

Publication date: September 21st 2016 by Rosarium Publishing

Source: ARC via Netgalley


This was a rather sweet introduction to a dragon story for children and middle-graders. I enjoyed the close bond between Yo Hi’s family. Dragon riding appears to be a family occupation but one to approach with caution. Yo Hi’s wistfulness and enthusiasm is met with his parent’s cautious stories from experience.

He has his head up in the clouds most of the time but there’s a bit of tension and intrigue hinted at towards the end of the issue around the war. Some of the set-up points and the introduction of the bully for the plots are rushed but it seems like the story pacing will probably smooth out in the coming issues. A wind-swept beginning to a fantasy story that will appeal to young readers.

5 thoughts on “Sun Dragon’s Song #1 by Joyce Chng & Kim Miranda

    1. It’s a nice read – 24 pages long, so quite short. I also like reading issues in bundles, so waiting might be the way to go. Though I was curious so I gave the 1st issue a try.


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