July Book Wrap-up


This is much more than I usually read in a month. It was semester break, so I took advantage of a July readathon. Thank you to the readers and friends who recommended great books. I’d like to talk about individual July books in later posts but so far, I’ve reviewed Ninefox Gambit. I randomly picked up and recoiled from Lovecraft but I admit that his work is still fascinating in a disturbing way.  I recommend The Ballad of Black Tom for anyone interested in an inspired retelling of Lovecraft’s work. (Thanks to the Diverse SFF Book Club!)

I picked up the Umbrella Academy because I thought my brother would read a graphic novel by his favourite musician but he was too busy with his animation work. Finding time to read can be difficult for a lot of my friends and family. The Dreamblood series, Monstress and Finnikin of the Rock also made me reflect upon why I love grim dark fantasy and what sort of stories speak to me as both a reader and a writer.

I’m almost finished typing up the old NaNo project but I’ve been tinkering with other stories. I may cut down on TBR reading to focus on research and stories because I need to focus on other projects.

I’m back to attending classes tomorrow, so I expect my reading will be much less in the upcoming months. (Though I am tempted to try the August Pokemon readathon despite logic and other deadlines.) I may read more before assignments hit as the blog will be quieter – unless I blog for stress relief.

Pop culture consumption:

  • W – Two Worlds: I’m enjoying a Korean drama about a comic book hero that comes to life. It has silly, ridiculous and romantic moments alongside some darker ones with a parallel worlds twist. The pilot didn’t immediately win me over but each episode gets stronger.
  • I finished watching Cleverman – an Indigenous Australian superhero TV show. I don’t watch many local dramas because they rarely reflect the reality of Australia but I’m looking forward to season 2. Cleverman also streams in the US & will stream in the UK.
  • I’m enjoying old school Star Trek on Netflix for the first time but I still need to start my Gilmore Girls re-watch.



7 thoughts on “July Book Wrap-up

  1. I’ve never read that many books in one month. You’re amazing! I’m glad you were able to read this munch in July because playtime is over. ;(
    I’m sorry you have to go back to school, but it’s a necessary part of life. Haha.


    1. Thanks Naz! I skip doing monthly wrap-ups when I’m busy and I haven’t read much at all XD. I am going to miss playtime but it’s only one more semester of post-grad left (unless I’m crazy and decide to upgrade to the masters course.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re almost there! It’s funny that you’re returning to school just as Bina is graduating for good (Let’s hope)! Best of luck with your last semester. I hope you rock every course and ace every exam/paper/project. 🙂

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  2. Oh, nice collection of reads for July, Glaiza! It looks like you read some really wonderful books, including an entire series! *cheers you* That’s amazing! I’m definitely keen to read your thoughts on a couple of these in particular, and look forward to reading whatever reviews you write!

    I hadn’t heard of Umbrella Academy before, but it looks and sounds highly interesting and I’m definitely checking it out now. Monstress is also one I’m really keen on, after hearing you talk about it. I’m excited to get to them! xx


    1. Thanks Romi =) My coping method is to read. Umbrella Academy was fun in bits but I think I wanted more flashback scenes for character development. Though I can wholeheartedly recommend Monstress (I finally got round to writing about it.)


  3. Whoa you definitely took advantage of the semester break, kudos!! So many of your reads are on my tbr, I’ve forbidden myself from touching that Jemisin series for now…I now I will need it for when I waiting for her other books will be too much 🙂 I really really liked Ballad, can’t wait to discuss! Also, I have to Ozeki books on my tbr, I should get a move on!
    Heh blogging for stress relief vs hardly blogging is how I blogged (or not) all through grad school 😀 Good luck with papers and deadlines!!


    1. Thanks Bina! It’s always good to have some Jemisin (or Ozeki) up your sleeve. Ballad was a great one to mull over. I’m not sure if I’ll get to review it but will definitely share thoughts somewhere. Your description of blogging while studying sounds just like mine XD

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