Sailor Moon Book Tag

It’s the weekend, so I felt like doing a light post today after seeing the Sailor Moon Book Tag in Cristina’s post. Any excuse to use Sailor Moon gifs in the future –

Moon: A book that makes you hungry


Silver Phoenix makes me crave so much food.

Mercury: A book that features science and technology


The creative technology in the steampunk universe of Fever Crumb comes to mind.

Venus: A book that makes you want to play video games


I’d like to try out one of the virtual gameworlds in Central Station.

Mars: A book inspired by mythology or folklore


I’m enjoying the Arabian Nights retelling in The Wrath and the Dawn.

Jupiter: A book that gave you strong feelings


The loss, the determination and friendships in this graphic novel. Seriously. I need to review Monstress.

Saturn: A Post-Apocalyptic book you love


Post-apocalyptic Africa in Who Fears Death is intense.

Pluto: A time travel book


Time Salvager was full of intrigue. I need more time-travel books.

Uranus: A book that features elemental magic


The Young Elites has one of the best anti-heroine stories.

Neptune: A book featuring music


One can’t go wrong with an android musician in The Silver Metal Lover.

Tuxedo mask: A book with masquerades or hidden identities


I remember the liberating but also dangerous life of the circus in Pantomime. This story also follows an intersex protagonist.

Rini/Chibi Moon: A favourite middle grade book

Who Am I? The Diary Of Mary Talence, Sydney 1937

I read and loved The Diary of Mary Talence when I was a kid.

Luna, Artemis & Diana: A book for animal lovers


Some misfits have the ability to telepathically talk to animals in Obernewtyn. Maruman is one of my favorite talking cats with attitude.

4 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Book Tag

    1. Thanks Ali! I couldn’t resist a nostalgia trip. The Wrath and the Dawn was enjoyable read – definitely well-researched but the tension between the characters shone the most.

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  1. This booktag is so cute, and I was so keen when I saw you’d posted it! The fact it took me what feels like actual weeks to actually read and comment on it is awful, but I’ve been feeling so out of touch with blogging and it’s been holding me back, unfortunately. But I loved the tag! And your answers! And was happy to see Silver Metal Lover, which I just love so much (have you read the sequel?) and will always remember you recommending me. *throws you loveheart confetti*

    I didn’t actually watch or read Sailor Moon, growing up, apart from the vague episode, so although I feel like I love it and will intently adore it, when I end up watching it sometime now, as an adult, I’m not really familiar with the characters (apart from Luna. I love Luna.), but the gifs were so wonderful and I basically stared at the intently for long moments. Especially the one of the Tuxedo Man. That made me far too amused. Perfect clothing change is perfect.

    But yay for nostalgic tags! This is so neat and I’m glad you could relive your love for SM through books, which is just so wonderful. xx


    1. I’m glad Silver Metal Lover made it into your world too. Lookout for more nostalgic tags in the near future 😉

      I can’t believe you haven’t watched Sailor Moon!! I’d recommend giving the recent remake series a try because it closely follows the manga. I never read the manga but it seems to be have more lgbt romantic relationships than the original anime. I remember that Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were lovers and some of the antagonists were in same-sex relationships too. I’ve also read a blog post how Sailor Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Tuxedo Mask have other romantic crushes which indicate they’re probably bi.


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