Book Wrap-up: April


I finally started reading The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. The Sandman leans more towards horror but I enjoy the character back stories, dream mythos and the philosophical meanderings. My library has every volume except volume 5, so I might pause my graphic novel marathon to focus on review books this month. Speaking of graphic novels, I did review Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan in April.

I also read two novellas: The Days of Tao by Wesley Chu and Picnic on Paradise by Joanna Russ. I love how Joanna Russ writes witty dialogue but the plot meandered a bit so I felt disconnected from some characters in this novella. I liked the bits where Alyx vents in her own language because her frustration around their different ways of speaking rang true. Alyx’s confrontation with Iris towards the end also explored different cultural attitudes around beauty and aging from a time-traveler’s point of view.

I skipped buying sushi one afternoon and bought The Beatricied by Kate Elliott. I have nothing but respect for Beatrice, the orator, in this short epic poem/retelling of the Aeneid. I love how this playful retelling calls out the romanticisation of Roman empire. (The accompanying essay – An Ending I Like Better – explores this aspect too). I miss reading Cat & Bee’s adventures, so it was nice to briefly return to their world.

I read The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler. Simon the librarian makes a lot of mistakes but he’s goes through a rough time in terms of his mental state and pursuing goals. Endings with just enough hope are gifts in this story. This one also made me miss my Tarot cards. I also read Shadow Study and Night Study by Maria V. Snyder because there was an author signing. I like that we get more of Valek’s  perspective on the presence of family in these sequels.

Upcoming reviews: I loved Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera and Central Station by Lavie Tidhar, so I’m working on getting those reviews up in May.

In April, I’ve also supported some SFF crowdfunding campaigns:




2 thoughts on “Book Wrap-up: April

  1. Can’t wait for your review of Juliet Takes a Breath, Glaiza! That sounds so interesting and I added it to my tbr immediately after you sent me the link. I’m excited to read your thoughts on it! I’m currently about halfway through Magic Study and I love the family focus to it, although Yelena is only with Leif at the moment. I get happy feels, though, seeing her with these other people who care about her (even if they aren’t Valek, and even if they aren’t exactly understanding of all her past). I definitely need to finish it asap, because I can tell there’s going to be a lot of action in the latter half. *prepares self* I’m also pretty interested in Sandman, since I just read the second volume of Death by Gaiman a little while ago and was pretty intrigued, but I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t be to my liking, what with the elements you discussed during bookclub.
    And oh, The Beatriced sounds so interesting! I love finding a new book or seeing a highly coveted book instore and just going for it.

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    1. I’m really late with my blog replies – Apologies! I’ll let you know if I read a Sandman volume, which doesn’t have triggers in it because Death, the character is so interesting and each volume can be read as stand alone. I’m glad that you are enjoying The Poison Study books! There are friend’s recommended series that I need to get round to too. Cheers to more Valek in the future.


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