Monthly Book Wrap-up


On late Feb & March reads:

I have to write a love letter to The Spiritwalker trilogy at some point. The Just City had me put on a philosophical hat. Kings Rising was the perfect ending to a trilogy. Also, a shoutout to CW for writing an amazing review on For Today, I Am A Boy, which made me pick it up. I found scifi reads like Immersion to be inspiring. On a different note, I’ve looked to a few non-fiction books for a perspective on anxiety in the creative writing process.

I did manage to review Letters to Tiptree, My Real Children and The Wicked and the Divine Volume 3 because I often prioritise review copies over other books for blog discussion. Though I do want to share some thoughts on Clariel, Becoming Kirrali Lewis and Serpentine when I have time to spare.

Also, here’s a few SF short stories I’ve read/listened to recently:


2 thoughts on “Monthly Book Wrap-up

  1. You’ve had a sterling reading month. I’ve been meaning to pick up For Today, I Am A Boy ever since I saw Chooi’s review of it as well. What did you think of Serpentine? I haven’t bought it yet because it’s still $23 for a paperback on Book Depository D:!


    1. I understand completely – it was pure luck that my library had a copy of Serpentine. (There’s also a book I really want to read called The Land of Forgotten Girls which is $22 on Book depository – the struggle is real.) I liked Serpentine a lot – much more than Silver Phoenix because Serpentine had a stronger coming of age arc to it. The mythic creatures are intriguing and I loved the friendship between the heroine and her best friend. (This is also a good reminder that I need to do a mini review of it someday.) Definitely recommended.


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