Underwater Travels & Returning: A Book Haul.


Sunset from Mt. Tapyas in Coron, Palawan. We climbed around 750 steps.

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A part of me is still swimming around Coron. I won’t ever forget island hopping across six locations in one day. Circling coral gardens which bordered a shipwreck with my snorkel was both serene and eerie.

I also tried scuba diving for the first time. Despite my initial anxiety, I fell in love with it. (I actually like it more than snorkeling now). We only went 6-8metres deep but it was so much fun. On another water-based note, I swam with adorable whale sharks in Cebu:



Photo via Ahnjerin.

Back in Oz, I’m recovering from a cold (travel’s parting gift) and I’m gradually catching up with books. I’ll see everyone on the other side of a page!


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