On the eve of November

I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this year but I probably won’t share NaNo writing updates on the blog (other than the flailing, of course).

On a bookish note, we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Oz but I wouldn’t object to a Pumpkin library –

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More books for the Halloween readers:

6748062 Dreams of Shreds and Tatters Falling in Love with Hominids Burn Bright (Night Creatures, #1) The Story of Kullervo The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

4 thoughts on “On the eve of November

  1. Ah, after reading your blog nearly four of those books, from memory, are already on my instant tbr. You recommend fabulous books, Glaiza! I just wrote up my review for Silver Metal Lover yesterday and it had me all passionate about how much I loved that story. *sigh*
    Ooh, this is an awesome pumpkin! I love the fact it’s got a. lego people inside, and b. what looks to be Harry Potter. My carving skills, which I sadly didn’t get to put to the test this year (no pumpkins!), are… lower on the scale of awesome?
    I hope NaNo is already proving to be fantastic for you! After our chat I thought about it more and decided to pull out for this year, which I’m a little sad about but think is for the best. I don’t want to sacrifice the other things I’m working on, and I might have my own little NaNo in January! I hope you’ll post updates on how you’re going! xx


    1. Thanks Romi! ❤ Don't worry, half of my writing peers are not participating in NaNo this year because they're busy editing or working on sequels at the moment. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back into blogging again soon but Nano does bite into chunks of time. (Sometimes, I mention how I'm going with writing on Twitter @Glaiza_echo).I'm looking forward to writing at a slower pace after November is done, I think a January NaNo sounds fun. Ahh I'm so happy you enjoyed The Silver Metal Lover. I will definitely check out your review!


  2. Oooo that is one fancy pumpkin! Best of luck for your NaNo! I feel like the blogging world has fallen into silence as lots of us are writers. Will be missing you all, thanks for leaving the list of book recs ❤


    1. Thanks Aentee! I miss book blogging and have a few drafts in the works but NaNo does take up so much energy – hopefully, I’ll be able to return to it soon because I miss the community too!


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