Book Wrap-up: Read or Reviewed in August

Falling in Love with HominidsStories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. DelanyByte Beautiful: Eight Science Fiction StoriesThe Bell at Sealey Head  The Darkest Part of the ForestHowl's Moving Castle (Howl's Moving Castle, #1)The Female ManR.O.D. Read or Dream 1 (R.O.D. Read or Dream, #1)MosquitolandThe Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoThe House of Shattered WingsSpeak Easy

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August was a good reading month. I read an abundance of speculative fiction which always makes me happy. I reviewed a few books I read back in July. I’ll also share some thoughts The Female Man, The House of Shattered Wings and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao in the future.

I am currently in the middle of exploring James Tiptree, Jr a.k.a Alice Sheldon’s sci fi writing. I need to blog about some of her short stories too. Thanks to Galactic Suburbia for giving me a reason to finally read her classic work. I also finally read Howl’s Moving Castle. Thanks to Romi, MegNafiza, Nardine, Jess and Fiona for recommending it. Feel free to share thoughts on the book or the film below! (I adored both.)

Speak Easy is a surreal short novella, so I plan to finish reading it before my flight tomorrow. This brings me to my second bit of news: I’m taking a short 2 week hiatus due to a little trip with friends to NY. I shall be back with more bookish thoughts in mid-September. In the mean time, happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Book Wrap-up: Read or Reviewed in August

  1. Ooh, I’m looking forward to many things in the future of your blog, namely:
    1. Your return from NY to shower us with imagery and lists of all the bookstores you visited.
    2. All the details on your love for HMC! (I’d love a movie-book review!)
    3. A review of “The Brief Wonderous Life”- after hearing your thoughts on it already in one form, I’d love to see them in another.

    You read a great lot of books this past month! And quite a few are on my tbr now, thanks to you.xx

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