R.O.D. Read or Dream by Hideyuki Kurata

R.O.D. Read or Dream 1 (R.O.D. Read or Dream, #1)Three Sisters–One Power: Michelle is a romantic daydreamer and hardcore book collector. Maggie is a soft-spoken bookworm who always gets mistaken for a boy. Anita is a tomboy who doesn’t have time for reading. Together, they’re the Paper Sisters, three very different siblings united by a strange power. Michelle, Maggie and Anita all have the ability to control paper in any way they desire. And from their Hong Kong detective agency, they solve any and all cases involving books

R.O.D. Read or Dream (Vol. 1)

Written by Hideyuki Kurata, Illustrated by Ran Ayanaga

Published: November 2006 by Viz Media

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Slice of life, Manga/Graphic Novel


The plot of this manga is different from the action oriented anime but I really enjoyed the slice of life direction it took instead. I recommend following The Paper Sister’s adventurous attempts at hoarding books and solving light book-related mysteries in both the manga and the anime. The first story  in the manga is about locating a girl’s misplaced book. I found that that the resolution to the opening tale was a little too short and sweet for my taste. Though I loved the mysterious library in the second story.

Chapter 2 – The Paper Sister’s Detective agency receives a request from a boy who needs to return a book for a friend who has passed away. The book belongs to the library which only appears at a certain hour. It’s a whimsical meeting place:

Our library…comes to this world only once every 10 years. It originally stood here, but it burned down…so we moved to another world.

In this world, there are more books than you can read…but there’s no need to rush. If you really need a book, you’ll find it. It’s the same with people. Read books and make friends. Anyone who likes the same books you like will become a good friend.

I want to cross into a parallel dimension to visit the midnight library where I can chat with friends and read books to my heart’s content.

Chapter 3 – We return to the sisters’ daily dilemmas. My life can be summed up with the quote-worthy exchange:

“I keep telling you! Separate the money for food from the money for books!” – Anita.

“But…But books are nutrients for the soul.” – Michelle.

Chapter 4 – This chapter follows an alien from outer space who will refrain from destroying humanity if The Paper Sisters can recommend her a good book. Chaos ensues:

‘Is there really such a cultural gap in our appreciation of aesthetics?’

Chapter 5 – By chance, Maggie befriends a young girl by reading her stories. They help each other perceive their choices in life a bit more clearly in this short tale.

Chapter 6 – Speaking of keeping priorities in line, this final chapter is about two bibliophiles who disagree over how to shelve their stacks of books:

Michelle’s Biblio-manic’s memo:

[Bookdraft] – books ‘temporarily’ stuffed into a  room while bookcases are being orgranised will explode outward when a door is opened. This is the greatest fear of families of biblio-manics.

I love manga that ends on a light-hearted note. I wish there were copies of it at my book store but I will have to settle for picking up the sequels from the library.

8 thoughts on “R.O.D. Read or Dream by Hideyuki Kurata

    1. Thanks Mari! I’m slowly getting back into reading manga again (Read or Dream seemed like a good place to start.) A re-watch sounds like fun. I’m currently watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood for the first time and my friends highly recommends the manga too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gasp! FMA Brotherhood! That is a life changing series, lol. Hopefully you like it! I’ve been behind on a lot of manga reading lately, so I haven’t picked up the FMA series either.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s so heartbreaking so far and I’m only 8 episodes in >.< I love Alphonse and Edward's bond. Manga does require a bit more commitment but I'll occasionally share anime updates on the blog.

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  1. Oh, so glad to see your review of this, Glaiza! I love how different the anime tends to be from the manga because it’s like you’re able to relive your favourite parts of one but also get an extension of the storylines, or a different storyline altogether. It’s kind of magical.
    This sounds fairly fantastic, I must say, manga and anime both. It seems rather more like MG, slightly more lighthearted stories, but I’m all for that. And the little snippets you gave of each chapter- I am so there. Lovely review. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The manga is a different storyline altogether and definitely light MG – I think you’d enjoy it! The anime has its sweet moments among The Paper sisters but it’s definitely more adult with a darker storyline (not quite as dark as FMA). I’d recommend the manga because the anime is probably an acquired mystery taste.


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