Universes, dreams and canons

I haven’t mentioned writing much on the blog over the past few months. I wondered if it was best to stick only to reading books but even after my break from creative writing, I find I’m drawn to storytelling. I’m still a novice at it. I focused on short stories during university, so I rarely dipped into long form.

My current goal is to have fun with writing. I’ve collected fragments, notes and scenes around an idea but I plan to brainstorm, research and sketch scenes until Nanowrimo. I probably won’t share excerpts since I need the freedom to explore, make mistakes and push through them; to finish the first draft. I’d like to finish something and learn from it. Hopefully, when I try again, the adventure will not be as murky in some ways.

Reading & Writing links:

Communities, weight of history (on SFF reading fandoms via Renay at Strange Horizons)

– Galactic Suburbia Podcast – Episode 128: In which we’ll pick our own Canon, thanks.

I really like the idea that each reader builds their own personal and unique reading canon. I love speculative fiction and fantasy but I also become tired of hearing the same male SFF writer recommendations in real life. I enjoy famous authors’ work (regardless of gender) but it does frustrate me when I can’t chat about some of the amazing female SFF writers I read too. Perhaps, that’s why I blog.

Pop Culture Consumption:

– Star Trek – Season 1.

This is my first time watching the original series. It’s so theatrical and I quite like it. Though I am bemused by the 60s fashion and some of the gender roles. I’m looking forward to reading pop culture analyses of certain episodes.


4 thoughts on “Universes, dreams and canons

  1. I really like the Strange Horizons blog post you linked to! I feel the same way. I haven’t read much canon SFF or the western literary canon for that matter. Part of it is I never really took English lit classes where you’re made to read all those works, and as for adult SFF, I was mostly reading kid’s/YA SFF for the longest time (which is woman-dominated and thought of as Not Important). I feel the same way as the blog author when I look at recommendations for canon lists where it’s almost all male authors which makes me unenthusiastic, and then I feel kinda bad when I can’t get into a work that is supposedly really Culturally Important, since the reason I feel like I need to read more canon is so that I can better recognize allusions / know how to contextualize novels within the history of the genre. So I’m not making much progress and like the idea of building your own canon!
    I’m also thinking about trying to write something longer since college kinda put an end to writing as a hobby. But like you I’m wishing I could get back into it!

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    1. I took a few English lit. classes but wasn’t an English major at university because I disliked the idea of following a rigid reading list. I needed space to read for fun too =). I often chose classes that had a balanced approach to reading lists.

      Yeah, I definitely haven’t read much of the Western literary canon (not that I mind because I will pick up a classic if it interests me.)

      I completely agree that there’s a history of partial erasure around female SFF writers. My current approach to canon is to check out if the writing appeals to me first, otherwise, I’d probably dread reading a book. Although I love being able to recognise allusions and see how one book influenced another too. I also tend to look up who my favourite authors enjoyed when they were younger. I feel like there’s a difference between a reader recognising that they are reading outside of their familiar zone of books and a reader forcing themselves to read a book. I like older books that challenge me in unexpected ways but I also struggle with problematic tropes in older books. I probably won’t make much head way with canon but I like contributing to my topsy turvy personal one too =).


  2. I’m so excited for you that you’re readdressing your enjoyment for writing, Glaiza- after our discussion I’m terribly excited to see what you produce, if I ever do see it (I respect keeping it private, if you choose to). Passion is such an important factor and I really hope you post a little about your process, if not your actual work, how you are going with it, ect. I’m marking the Zusak talk to watch later, I’m sure I’ll love it- one summer I watched a bunch of Ted talks and they were phenomonal and so inspirational. Amanda Palmer was supreme, particularly, although a bunch were just… gorgeous. Utterly.
    Happy writing, and know I’ll support your work, whether you choose to share it or not! xx

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    1. I’ll be sure to update on the blog every now and again. I miss writing for fun and thank you for the support! If I ever reach a the stage of sharing pieces, I’ll let you know =). I’m also really happy to support your work. I listen to TED talks when ever I need a pick up in inspiration too.


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