Weekly Linkage: Reflections on Reading Diversely

SFF in Conversation: Charles Tan, M Sereno, Aliette de Bodard, Zen Cho, Bogi Takács and JY Yang talk Diversity

A great critical discussion on the concept of diverse literature.

– What being an alien taught me about stories by Zen Cho

A post that resonated with me.

– Ambelin Kwaymullina, on diversity in YA and children’s literature in Australia

Supporting the start of We Need Diverse Books AU.

– The Struggle To Be Visible: On Trying to Read Philippine Literature by Kristel Autencio

I’ve read a sample of the Filipino speculative fiction published by Flipside – I really enjoyed it. I also have blurry memories of visiting bookshops in Manila, so I need to be aware of the disparity in visibility when I visit in the future.

On Tokenism and Diversity in Books by Yash Kesanakurthy

I have spent most of my life having to read writers and characters who rarely resemble me. Yes, the point of reading is empathy. Yes, books can be windows into unfamiliar worlds. But at some point you realize that there are readers who look at the window and don’t see a window at all; that they have the privilege of looking into a mirror. Which is part of what makes books like Otherbound and Throne of the Crescent Moon invaluable. They remind the ones with the mirrors that there are windows to be looked out of, too. And to the rest, they are reminders that you are not other even though you are othered, that it’s okay to be tired of gazing longingly into dusty windows, okay to go in search of a mirror.

Yash Kesanakurthy @The Book Riot

This quote. I second the recommendation of Otherbound. It’s a brilliant YA fantasy (on my list to review at some point.)

– Clear Eyes Full Shelves – Podcast Episode #28 (Season 3, Episode 2): Talking Diversity & Cultural Appropriation with Nafiza

I can’t believe it took me this long to listen to a Clear Eyes Full Shelves podcast.

Perceptions of Diversity in Book Reviews by Malinda Lo

*I want to recommend this post to anyone who writes book reviews (casually or professionally). It’s a great reminder to examine how I’m framing or judging diverse representation in a review.

For the book bloggers on Twitter:

*I live in Oz so I’ll need to sync to the US timezone to tune in.

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