Touchstone books – Sabriel Day

Sabriel - rejected cover illustration number one

All of the stories I read as a teenager are like rivers running inside of my memory. I can always return to them. Cheers to the 20th Publication Anniversary of Sabriel by Garth Nix. As per my own chronological mishap, I met Lirael first as a teenager before Sabriel swept in a few days later and took on a mantle of responsibility with Mogget to provide helpful cunning quips by her side. Lirael and Sabriel are different in some ways but I could relate to both heroines. I will always admire Sabriel for moving forward alone and in companionship.

Sabriel - rejected cover illustration number two

“Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?”

*I’ll probably lose count of how many times I mention these books on the blog.

*In addition to Isobelle Carmody’s The Obernewtyn Chronicles, I constantly re-borrowed the Abhorsen/The Old Kingdom Books by Garth Nix from the library. Eventually, my sister and I collected our own copies. I’m overdue for a re-read of the touchstone books of my teenage years.

*Amazing Sabriel cover concept process art by Sebastian Ciaffaglione.


2 thoughts on “Touchstone books – Sabriel Day

  1. I want these new covers SO BADLY. I mean, eventually I’ll probably need to replace my copies of the books (My Sabriel and Lirael paperbacks are looking pretty rough, and Abhorsen lost its dust jacket so many years ago I honestly don’t even remember what the cover actually looked like haha! It’s a hard cover though, so otherwise its doing just fine)

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    1. Gotta love hardbacks – those slippery jackets! I feel your pain, my old paperback of Lirael is starting to yellow but it’s signed and filled with memories. My books are different editions so it would probably drive cover matchers crazy. The only new cover I have at the moment is the one for Clariel. Maybe I should aim to read it in December after a) I reinforce my temporary library ban so I can tackle the books I have bought and b) finish reading the review books.


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