Weekend Writing Warriors #1

I first stumbled upon the Weekend Writing Warriors feature on Coffee. Write. Repeat. In short: a writer shares an 8 sentence snippet of whatever they are working on (past or present) by the Sunday morning of their choosing. I thought I’d try it out today. The following excerpt is from a reworked short story.

Lola’s raspy voice carried the engkanto’s lives through the forest.

Amihan slipped away from Lola’s grey tales as she climbed into the embrace of silvery banyan arms. The warm gust swathed the vines around her – gifting Amihan a space of her own to curl further away from those memories. Settling on a ledge, she leaned against the tough trunk and eased the muscles of her legs.

Afternoon light dropped through the canopy in speckled sunbursts across the moss ridden stone floor and down the tightly bound sleeves of her uniform. Amihan resisted the urge to lay her bare arms against this tree – to draw power until she could move as fast as her namesake.

In between the twisted vines, she glimpsed her classmates as they slept and curved into the shaded crevices of the abandoned Spanish fort below her. The siesta sunk through the air like rainforest spores.

Note: The setting is loosely based on Intramuros (the old Spanish section of Manila, Philippines). Lola = Grandmother in Tagalog.

*The above work: Copyright Glaiza Perez, 2015. Cannot be reproduced without permission.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #1

  1. Wow, I must admit I stumbled over the words and wondered in the beginning what exactly was going on. But by the third sentence, I was hooked! Swathy vines … beautiful imagery! I can’t wait to find out more 🙂

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