Uni Book Haul

The Power of Myth - Joseph Campbell The Hero with a Thousand Faces (The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell) - Joseph Campbell The Future is Japanese -  Hyperspace - Michio Kaku Reload: Rethinking Women + Cyberculture - The Juniper Game (Point) - Sherryl Jordan Palm-of-the-Hand Stories - Yasunari Kawabata


*Let’s see if I can finish these books before my last undergrad semester takes over.

I’ve just started The Power of Myth and I’m restraining myself from quoting. I can’t wait to read The Hero of a Thousand Faces.

I grabbed The Future is Japanese because of the anthology’s theme…and picked up Hyperspace because it mentioned parallel universes. Michio Kaku is on my must-read list for non-fiction.

Reload: Rethinking Women + Cyberculture. This one contains critical commentary on gender and sci fi. The collection also includes Feminist cyberpunk short stories by writers I want to check out. E.g. Octavia E. Butler, Anne McCaffrey & Alice B. Sheldon – alias – James Tiptree Jr.

I loved Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan so I’m curious to see what her YA sci-fi is like in The Juniper Game.

I wonder if Palm of the Hand Stories will be on my Japanese Lit. list next semester.

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2 thoughts on “Uni Book Haul

    1. Definitely, I’ve had so many thoughts while reading the Power of Myth so I’ll probably talk about the arguments I agree and disagree with in that one.

      I don’t talk enough about short stories so I expect to have something to mull over in The Future is Japanese and Reload. The Palm of the Hand stories are last in my pile so hopefully when I reach them, it’ll be good too.


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